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Welcome to The King Group, Inc.

The King Group based in Atlanta Georgia is a leader in custom conveyor belt installation, troubleshooting, and service. We also handle a variety of Polymer Products, Cut Rubber Parts, and other rubber speciality items. In addition we have a large supply of industrial belting products, including conveyor components.

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Conveyor Belt Company

Are you in need of a trustworthy conveyor belt company? If so, The King Group is happy to serve you. We are a custom conveyor belt company with many years of experience in this industry. We manufacture many varieties of conveyor belts for any application needs.

Not sure which conveyor belt to purchase? We are happy to help you determine what material would be best for your application as well. Whether it's rubber, PVC, Polyurethane, or another material, we are able to provide any and all. Call us for more information.

Conveyor Belt Service

Are you having trouble with your current conveyor belt situation in your plant? The King Group is able to offer our specific conveyor belt service regardless if we manufactured your conveyor belt or not. We have over three decades of experience working and manufacturing every kind of conveyor belt. So you can trust that we have the expertize in this field.

Many companies in this industry will simply sell conveyor belts. But at The King Group, we are selling belts, hoses and more, but we are also giving our customers outstanding conveyor belt service as well. We offer a royal customer service experience because we will treat you like royalty.

Rubber Products Company

The King Group is also a specialty rubber product company. We are providing our customers with all types of rubber products needed in their plants. And if you aren't sure exactly what is needed, please call us. We are glad to help you determine that as well. It doesn't matter if you didn't purchase your rubber products from us. Contact our Conveyor Belt Company today for more information. We love our customers and are happy to assist you.