Cleated Conveyor Belts

Are you moving a material that is flat or sharp? Or is the material you are lifting need to go along an incline? If so, you need to purchase a cleated conveyor belt. With high incline applications, it’s imperative that you have a cleated conveyor belt. The King Group is able to assist you in finding the correct cleated conveyor belt for your application needs. We understand that a 22 degree rollback needs a cleated conveyor belt and we also know that you will need to have the proper return. Call us to discuss your options. The King Group has over 20 years of expertise in conveyor belts and can help you with your cleated conveyor belt needs.

Rubber Cleated Belt

Are you moving product that can move around easily like a plastic bottle? If so, The King Group also supplies rubber cleated belts. Those would be used for an application that is on an incline and the material needs to be held. At the King Group, we are happy to help you in the purchasing process, but we also help after you purchase from us. We have over almost 40 years of experience in the belting industry, so you can trust we are experts in conveyor belts.

Custom Cleated Conveyors

The King Group is proud to offer custom cleated conveyor belts. We thoroughly understand that all applications are different and that you will have a particular width and height requirement for your machine.

Contact our Cleated Conveyor Belts Company today to get a quote. We are also happy to answer any other questions you might have.