Vacuum Conveyor Belts

How do you know if you need to have a vacuum conveyor belt? That’s simple – If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, please call The King Group for more information on our vacuum conveyor belt selection.

  1. You need to have a firm group on what is moving along the belt
  2. You are a cardboard box company or distribution
  3. You are a printing company
  4. The material being moved needs to be held flat against the belt
  5. The material being handled needs to be held straight for gluing

At The King Group, our prices on conveyor belts are comparable, but our customer service sets us apart from the competition. Give us a chance to make a lifetime customer out of you. Our customers will tell you that we have fast delivery time on orders, excellent customer service and a depth of knowledge that is unmatched in this industry.

Vacuum Belting

If you are unsure exactly what is needed for your particular application, please call our office. Our knowledgeable conveyor belt experts will help you select exactly what type, width, length, and more is needed in your vacuum belt.

At the King Group, we are able to offer you fantastic personal service, quick turnaround time on all orders and over 20 years of knowledge on belting products. Please contact our Vacuum Conveyor Belts Company today to talk through your order on vacuum belts.