Silicone Rubber Supplier

Are you trying to find a reputable supplier for silicone rubber? Have you heard of The King Group? We are a family owned business that has been open since 1989. We have a large variety of rubber products, including silicone rubber that we supply nationwide. Silicone rubber is an excellent material choice because of its durability in high heat applications. It has high release properties which means that nothing will stick to it. Our silicone rubber supply is large, please give us a call and we can discuss with you what you need for your particular application.

Our company has many years of experience that you can depend on. We are happy to assist you in determining what silicone rubber you require. The King Group has been a silicone rubber supplier for a long time. We sell it in rolls and we will cut to size to fit your needs. For a personalized quote on our silicone rubber, call us today.

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is sold in roll form at The King Group. We are able to customize your order by cutting to your size specifications. We believe that silicone rubber is a great choice for materials in your industry. This is because silicone rubber has a strong resistance to heat in high-heat applications.

Silicone Rubber Expert

If you are not sure how much you require, you can trust our silicone rubber experts to assist you during the process. We have been in this industrial material business since 1989, so we have plenty of proven experience that you can rely on. At The King Group, we truly care about our customers and their needs. Call our Silicone Rubber Suppliers at The King Group today to experience our superior services.