Skirtboard Rubber

Are you moving bulk material such as sand, dirt or gravel on conveyor belts? If so, skirtboard rubber would save you plenty of bulk material. This skirtboard rubber is used in the loading area to keep the bulk material from spilling over. Skirtboard rubber is inexpensive and highly durable. It is also flexible and strong to handle hard jobs. At the King Group, we will offer you competitive pricing on rubber products and a very personal service experience. Call us today to quote the cost of purchasing skirtboard rubber from us. We will also gladly answer any questions you have about skirtboard rubber and its uses.

Skirtboard Rubber Flaps for Conveyors

If you are looking to find a skirtboard rubber flap for your conveyor, look no further. The King Group has provided quality skirtboard rubber flaps for conveyors since 1989. Our skirtboard rubber flaps are built to be used to keep bulk material from spilling off the conveyor. We sell the skirtboard rubber flaps in many different widths and thicknesses. Call us and we will put together a personalized quote for you.

Skirtboard Rubber Supplier

In the rubber industry, The King Group is known as the premier skirtboard rubber supplier. We have many variations of thickness and width. We have been supplying skirtboard rubber across the country since 1989. You can trust that our experience backs up our expertise. If you need assistance in finding the correct width or thickness of the skirtboard rubber, you can trust us to give you the assistance you need.

For more information or to place an order, contact our Skirtboard Rubber Company today.