Buna-N | O-Rings Supplier

Buna-N O-Rings are a rubber compound that come in different sizes and are used primary by machinery manufactures. They are important because the provide a rubber padding inside metal shipping containers. Have you been searching for a Buna-N O-Rings supplier? The King Group has been supplying Buna-N O-Rings since 1989 as well as other specialty rubber products! Want to know the best news? We cut our Buna-N O-Rings to order. At The King Group, we offer our customers:

  • A personal service
  • Quality products
  • Fast delivery on all products

Please contact our office to place an order or get a price quote on our Buna-N O-Rings today.

Buna-N (Nitrile) Rubber Company

The Buna-N O-Rings that we supply are built with a nitrile and uterine rubber compound. Basically this just makes them stronger. At The King Group, we are happy to be your provider company for Buna-N Nitrile and Rubber products. Do you have a custom order? That is not a problem for us. We can cut your order specifically for you to the thickness of your desire. Call us and we can assist in the ordering process. In this industry, The King Group is known as the Buna-N rubber company. Please give us a phone call so we can put together a personalized quote for our Buna-N (Nitrile) rubber products.

Our company has been in business for 20 plus years so you can trust our expertise. And not just that, we truly care about our customers. Contact our Buna-N O-Rings Suppliers today. We do hope to hear from you today!