Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts

At the King Group, we are providing heavy duty conveyor belts for heavy loads that need to be carried. We are intimately familiar with the heavy duty conveyor belts. Some of the types of conveyor belts we source have a thicker cover on the belt to handle the heavy duty products. The King Group is able to aid in determining exactly which heavy duty conveyor belt you need for your particular application. We have been suppling heavy duty conveyor belts to many types of plants since 1989. You can call us to discuss your options and/or to place an order.

Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Company

If you are searching for a trustworthy heavy duty conveyor belt company, then The King Group is the company you have been searching for. We have supplied recycling landscape supply, wood waste companies and more with the exact heavy duty conveyor belt that they need. The King Group is considered the expert company for suppling heavy duty conveyor belts because of our 20 plus years of conveyor belt experience. Also, we are happy to give you a quote over the telephone or assist in any way we can to help your select just the right heavy duty conveyor belt for you.

Cut Resistant Conveyor Belts

Are you moving sharp and abrasive objects such as glass? If so, our consultants at The King Group can recommend that you get a cut resistant conveyor belt. If you have the incorrect conveyor belt for moving sharp objects, you could damage the belt easily. The King Group has the experience to assist you in determining which cut resistance conveyor belt to purchase. Contact our Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts Company to discuss in more detail or for answers to any questions you may have about our services.