Rough Top Conveyor Belts

Are you running a distribution center that uses conveyor belts for a product? If that’s the case, The King Group is the nation’s supplier for rough top conveyor belts. These rough top conveyor belts are used mostly for incline applications that need to have high grip properties. Some customers that use rough top conveyor belts are FedEx and UPS. Rough top conveyor belts live up to their name as they have a rough surface so that they have a better grip of what is being moved. There are many types of rough top conveyor belts. The King Group knows the process of purchasing a new conveyor belt can be confusing and extensive. To find the correct one you need, please call our office and we will assist you through the selection and ordering process.

Rough Top Belts

Is your belting process needing to be more aggressive with what’s being handled in your plant? If you are handling solid units and not bulk material, then you probably need to have a rough top belt. The King Group has been providing rough top belts since we opened in 1989. You can trust that we have the experience to back up our expert opinions with a qualilty product and excellent customer service. When you call us to place an order, we will customize the order and walk you through the process of ordering the correct rough top belt.

Our services do not stop at placing your order. We will provide our expertise for years to come. We are always only a phone call away for troubleshooting assistance. Contact our Rough Top Conveyor Belts Company today if you have any questions or to place an order.