Conveyor Belt Service

Are you in a bind because your conveyor belt needs a service call? The King Group is providing excellent conveyor belt service calls. We can help you over the telephone or come to your plant for help in fixing your conveyor belt. Once you contact us, we promise to get back with you in 24 hours or less. We do primarily provide conveyor belt service to the Southeastern region, but we are able to help throughout the United States as well. Our company has over 20 years of experience in repairing and manufacturing conveyor belts. You can trust that we know what we are doing. Please call to get service on your conveyor belt today. We will even service conveyor belts that we didn’t manufacture.

Conveyor Belt Service Company

If you are looking for a conveyor belt service company that is reputable and dependable, you can stop looking because The King Group is just want your business needs to stay operation in as little time as possible. Opened in 1989, The King Group is:

  • A conveyor belt service company that you can trust
  • A provider of service on conveyor belts to companies nationwide
  • A leader of conveyor belt services due many years of proven experience

You can call our office to gain more information about our conveyor belt services and how we can help.

Belting Service Contractor

The King Group is able to be your on-call belting service contractor. We are located in the Southeastern region of the US, but we service conveyor belts nationwide. We will return your phone call in 24 hours or less. Contact our Conveyor Belt Service Company today. If your conveyor belt cannot be serviced over the phone, we will send one of our contractors to your plant today.