Food Grade Conveyor Belts

The King Group is proud to announce that we offer food grade conveyor belts nationwide. Any type of food that you are moving needs a particular conveyor belt and we can assist you in determining which food grade conveyor belt to purchase for your particular application. All of our food grade belts have USDA approval. Since we opened in 1989, we have been providing our customers with excellent personal service and a fast delivery of products. We are the trusted source for food grade conveyor belts for 20 plus years.

Food Grade Conveyor Coating

If you are moving a product, such as meat, that can stain your conveyor belt, then you need to get a food grade conveyor coating. At The King Group, we offer many types of food grade conveyor coatings. These coatings can help with staining substances and also sticky substances. The two coatings that we sell most often are teflon and silicone for our food grade conveyor belts. At the King Group, we offer a quick delivery of our products and our prices are comparable with the conveyor belt industry. Call The King Group today for a quote.

Food Grade Belts

Are you moving cold or hot food on your conveyor belt? If so, you will need to have a speciality food grade belt for that application. If you are not using the correct food grade belt with hot food, you will find melting or even burning on the belt itself. And if you are not using the proper food grade belt with cold food, you will see cracking.

Please contact our Food Grade Conveyor Belts Company today to help you determine which belt is needed for your particular application.