Conveyor Belt Lacing

Conveyor belt lacing is an essential practice in the belting industry because it is how the belt stays together. The King Group is aware of all types of lacing tools for conveyor belts. We are glad to help you determine which type would be best for you. We know that hooking your belt together is very important and at The King Group it is important to us as well. Please call The King Group to discuss options with conveyor belt lacing.

Custom Conveyor Belt Splicing

At the King Group, we are able to provide custom conveyor belt splicing. The size must be perfect or problems will arise later. The King Group will offer our expert opinion based on our years of experience in the conveyor belt industry. With us, you can trust that you will be provided with the best custom conveyor belt splicing in the industry.

Expertise in Belt Fasteners

Looking for an expert in belt fasteners? The King Group is the expert in belt fasteners with our 20 plus years of experience. We understand how important the belt fastener is. If the belt fastener is undersized, the belt will not work properly. And if the belt fastener is oversized the belt could be damaged and possibly lead to prematurely fail. At The King Group, we will gauge the fastener to the size of your conveyor belt, whether thick or thin.

Please contact our Conveyor Belt Lacing Company today, so we can help you get the correct belt fastener for your application needs